The launch of the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework has been welcomed by large and small businesses alike for its cost-effective approach to cyber hygiene, ranging from ‘basic’ to ‘advanced’. Although CMMC was introduced for the defense industrial base, organizations across industries in the United States of America, including members of America’s Small Business Development Center, are looking to this best practice framework as their ‘North Star’ to keep their businesses, customers and data secure.

However, with this opportunity comes the challenge of accurately assessing and demonstrating compliance with this new framework, which is why many businesses will be looking to pre-assessment consultants and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) for guidance. And why Titania is actively working with MSSP partners to bring our network auditing accuracy for CMMC to the small and mid market, just as we have with our PCI DSS capability.

Whether you have an internal audit team in place, or your business is working with a consultant, RPO or MSSP, Titania's Nipper software will provide you with accurate and detailed information about the security of your network devices:

“Save valuable time and resources when assessing your firewalls, switches and routers to assess compliance with the new CMMC risk management framework. Nipper automates 42 CMMC network device security practice checks across 9 domains, providing accurate, easy-to-read reports and exact technical fixes for any instances of non-compliance.”

  • Automate network device configuration checks to free you from repetitive auditing, analysis and reporting processes
  • Assess device configurations and rule sets against CMMC standards (as well as other RMFs and security benchmarks)
  • Identify your network vulnerabilities and determine exploitability
  • Provide risk-based prioritization advice with estimated 'time to fix'
  • Offer exact technical fixes for any identified vulnerabilities or instances of non-compliance

  • Generate detailed compliance reports, in plain language, in a matter of minutes (or aggregate the audit data via your SIEM/SOAR using the JSON report format)

Discover how to configure Nipper reports to accurately automate 42 CMMC network device security practice checks and provide artifacts that evidence compliance.


Good to know:
  • We have mapped Nipper’s audit automation capabilities to the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification v1.02 (download below) - so that internal audit teams, pre-assessment consultants, C3PAOs, RPOs and MSSPs can benefit from Nipper’s time-saving accuracy advantages for CMMC.
  • Help your team and/or your client prioritize workloads by pinpointing non-compliance with CMMC and addressing the vulnerabilities that pose the most risk to the business.

  • Brand the reports that Titania software generates with your company’s branding to provide a consistent experience for readers/clients.

  • Titania software integrates with your/your clients’ existing SIEM so you can aggregate audit data for analysis and remediation.

Learn which of the 42 CMMC controls (across 9 domains) can be audited using Nipper:

Download the CMMC Mapping Summary

Proof points:

  • Titania Nipper is in service with all four arms of the DoD and across the commercial sector, where it is trusted to automate the configuration audits of network devices to prove compliance with risk management frameworks such as DISA, NIST 800-53 as well as NIST 800-171, on which much of the new CMMC framework is based.

  • Titania software saves auditors an average of 3 hours per audit, per device – providing accurate results that identify, classify and prioritize vulnerabilities that would otherwise be missed using other tools.
  • It takes a matter of minutes to complete a line-by-line configuration audit and generate a detailed report with exact technical fixes.
  • Download a trial version to assess your own devices and put Titania’s accuracy to the test (using the CMMC ‘How to Guide’ to set up your reports).

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Accurate vulnerability audits to manage risk better.

Our accuracy lets you reduce false positives and negatives whilst providing detailed configuration audits of firewalls, switches and routers. You can strengthen and secure your vital network devices.
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