Why you should opt-in for Microsoft product updates | Titania

In 2012, an exploit in Microsoft Word was discovered, the National Vulnerability Database labelled it CVE-2012-0158. It was a Remote Code Execution exploit, the most severe kind of exploit that allows malicious hackers to take control of any computer remotely. All it would take would be for a user to open a single infected document.

To fix it, Microsoft promptly released a patch. The most amazing fact is that 4 years down the line, this is still the most widely used exploit for Microsoft Word, yet hardly anyone has installed the update that counteracts it. Most companies in the UK are not even aware that this exploit exists.

To counter this, Microsoft have now added a feature which allows you to update their products automatically. All it takes is for you to turn it on. Titania has made it easy to determine that this is turned on with our new Risk Assessment Tool. A feature you can access immediately for FREE. Once it’s on your system, you can rest assured that if the update is not turned on you’ll know at a click of a button.

But what about all the other systems in your company?

If you want to enhance your security further, you can download a FREE trial of Paws Studio. It works across laptops, workstations and servers on Windows, Mac and Linux, producing an easy to understand report to help you achieve compliance against industry standard security policies and best practice. To find out more, visit our website.

With the threat of cyber attacks ever increasing, governments, businesses and organisations of all sizes need to maintain the highest level of security at all times. Titania’s tailor made security solutions are working globally to keep information secure in all sectors; spanning from finance and military to energy and telecommunications. Our award-winning software is the configuration auditing tool of choice for organisations in over 80 countries.