Titania offers free Nipper software to healthcare sector

Date published: 01 May 2020

We are pleased to announce that we are offering NHS trusts and global public health organisations free access to Nipper, our network auditing software, to help them in the fight against increased levels of cyber risk during to coronavirus pandemic.

Already under huge pressure as a result of the ongoing pandemic, health teams worldwide are working round the clock to support in the response to COVID-19. Yet, reports now indicate that hackers are exploiting the increase in online traffic and there has been a growing number of ransomware attacks in the health sector which could compromise survival rates of those affected. Network security of critical services is of paramount importance, especially now, and the Titania team is keen to offer its support.

Titania CFO, Kirsty Fisher, explains: “Like businesses around the world we want to do what we can in the fight against COVID-19. We are all truly humbled by the men and women in the NHS and their counterparts working globally, putting themselves at risk on the frontline to help others, and the huge support team behind them making it all possible. Yet as well as relying on team members, they must also be able to rely on the technology and systems in place.

“This influx of attacks that we’re seeing in the healthcare sector poses a significant risk and as a collective, we must act to combat this. We hope that opening up our network auditing software, Nipper, to those on the frontline will at least go a small way in helping the organisations’ automation of network security and prioritisation of key tasks, saving their teams valuable time and helping to protect valuable network infrastructure and data.”

Free access to our Nipper software is also available to all Government and public healthcare organisations and companies on the front line battling the pandemic. Please contact the team today to find out more and access your free Nipper software.


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