Ransomware: Should I Pay? | Titania

In this article from Templar Executives, Templar talk about Ransomware and asks the ultimate question; should you pay?

Templar Executives is a leading, expert and dynamic Cyber Security company trusted by Governments and organisations worldwide. Our award-winning capability and experience provides clients, across all industry sectors, with a competitive edge that enables them to protect and optimise their business against an ever evolving Threat landscape. We offer a holistic portfolio of world class Cyber Security services and solutions tailored and proportionate to the specific needs of SMEs and FTSE 100 companies. Our market leading offerings include:

  • Cyber Health Checks and Audits;
  • Board level Threat Briefings;
  • Cyber Insurance;
  • Information Risk Management;
  • Incident Management Scenario Planning;
  • Cyber Security E-learning;
  • Social Media Best Practices;
  • Information Breach Management;
  • Data Protection and Government/Commercial Classification Schemes;
  • Business Continuity Planning;
  • Development and Review of Cyber Policies and Processes;
  • Information Security – Legal Advice and Guidance;
  • GCHQ (CESG) accredited training courses.

Whether you are a small, medium or large organisation, taking the right steps to mitigate against Cyber risks and vulnerabilities is an imperative in today’s world. Every company has information that is critical to their business, however many still don’t realise quite how valuable their data is or how severe the consequences could be if it is compromised, lost or unavailable.

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