Paws Studio 2.3.1 Released | Titania

Paws Studio 2.3.1 Released

Here is a an explanation of a few new features included in the most recent maintenance release of Titania’s Paws Studio compliance auditing software

1. Submit a Query

You can now submit a query through the software to our support team. Just go to the ‘Help’ tab at the top of the screen, select ‘Submit a Query’ and follow the wizard. Select ‘finish’ and your question will be sent off to our support team who will get back to you as soon as possible. 

2. Automated updates

Previously, users could check for updates to the software by going to the ‘Tools’ tap at the top of the screen and selecting ‘Update Check’. This would tell you if there was a new version of the software. You could then go and download this from the website. Now, like Nipper Studio, this function is automated in Paws Studio so you can make sure you’re up to date, with just the click of a button.

These new features have been designed to make Paws Studio even easier to use. If you have any questions about these features, or any others within Paws Studio, please contact the Titania support team at