Paws Studio: Vulnerability Assessments | Titania

For the first time, Paws Studio, Titania’s powerful compliance auditing tool, will now include vulnerability assessments as well as compliance. This enhancement is the first step towards delivering a more holistic solution for auditors of workstations and servers, just as Titania’s flagship product Nipper Studio has for auditor of firewalls, switches and routers.

Titania is pleased to announce the introduction of OVAL (Open Vulnerability Assessment Language) compliance and vulnerability assessment to Paws Studio, the compliance auditing tool for workstations and servers. The latest release will complement existent policies such as: PCI DSS, SANS, NERC CIP 007-4, NSA and DISA STIG, in order to provide an even more comprehensive view for auditors.

OVAL is supported by the Department of Homeland Security as well as other U.S. governmental agencies and it is a risk and compliance management solution, extensively used by the IT industry. The OVAL compliance framework supports 560+ checks, depending on the operating system, with further check support to be added in the future. The OVAL vulnerability directory carries out 70+ checks, subject to the operating system. Due to frequent updates applied to OVAL, Paws Studio will facilitate the updating process through a convenient Policy Converter which can be found in the ‘Utilities’ tab. The Policy Converter allows the user to download the latest updates from the OVAL website, save it and then upload it to Paws Studio. The Titania Technical Team will also update OVAL on a regular basis within Paws Studio.

Additional improvements to the software include enhancing the Registry Checks to be case sensitive or insensitive, which will minimise the risk of false reporting. Registry values can now be evaluated against regular expressions. Also for a more accurate view, Paws Studio now allows checks for “<=” and “>=” in conjunction with the already present “<” and “>”.

For the Technical Team to offer the best support possible to customers, Paws Studio now offers an easy logging option which can be accessed through GUI, under ‘Settings’, by checking the box for ‘Enable logging’. This option enables the support team to extract a log with useful information for supplying specific and time-efficient assistance.

Overall, the team has also performed general maintenance work to consolidate Paws Studio to an even more robust structure and improved user experience. Titania cares about customers’ suggestions and endeavours to add new features to its products, according to users’ feedback. If you have any suggestions or questions about Paws Studio, please contact the Titania team at

[Note this release is for Windows, Ubuntu 12.04, Open Suse 12.3 and Fedora 19 platforms with releases for CentOS, Open Suse 13.1 and Ubuntu 13.10 to follow.]