Password Age: Why it Matters | Titania

Back in May 2016, a hack affecting LinkedIn came in to the public eye and 117 million members accounts were up for grabs on the dark web. Emails and press releases were rushed out from LinkedIn urging those effected to change their passwords immediately if they hadn’t already done so. But, what was unusual about this hack was that it hadn’t happened within the last month, or even the last year, the hack had taken place in 2012.

At the time of the original hack, LinkedIn issued a statement on their blog addressing the breach, informing members that they would receive an email instructing them to reset their passwords, and that was that. LinkedIn never confirmed how many people were affected, though only 6.5 million encrypted passwords were posted online at the time.

Fast forward 4 years and we have the same data, in its entirety, available online for $2,200. What makes this hack so successful and valuable 4 years on, is that some members still hadn’t changed their passwords. Had members been forced to changed their passwords every 60 days, the data released in May 2016 would now be obsolete.

‘Password Age’ is just 1 of the 21 automated checks on our FREE Risk Assessment Tool, aligned against Cyber Essentials and other “best practice” standards to help you become more secure online. Changing your password every 60 days or less limits your risk considerably if you are breached, the longer your password is known the more vulnerable you are. Along with 20 other key security checks, our Risk Assessment Tool, which can be deployed with no prior experience, will produce a simple report informing you which checks you have passed, and those that have failed. 

To further your level of security beyond that offered in the Risk Assessment Tool, you can download a FREE Paws Studio trial here. Paws Studio enables you to quickly audit against all of the Cyber Essentials checks, most of which are automated, providing an easy to understand pass/fail rating. The new update also gives you the ability to answer non-automatable checks through interactive questionnaires in order to achieve Cyber Essentials compliance and reduce your business risk by 80%.

Cyber Security is a growing issue. There is more focus and spending from the government as hacks are impacting on our everyday lives. With customers ranging from defence and government industries to financial, Titania’s pro-active and tailored security software helps clients in over 80 countries around the world increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and ensure their security needs are met, for a price that is accessible to everyone.