Nipper Studio 2.3.3 Released | Titania

The latest release of Nipper Studio, version 2.3.3, includes new icons being added to the homepage of the software. Users can now go to “Contact Support” and then select “Support Query Wizard” to get in touch with the Titania support team directly from the software interface.

The homepage also now includes an FAQ link to the Titania website, for users with an internet connection. The support team is currently working on implementing a solution for offline users, which will be available in the next release.

In response to customer feedback, when creating vulnerability audits users have the option of viewing detailed information in a table under the “Conclusions” section in the hyperlinked contents page. The option is not available by default, but can easily be switched on, by going to “Tools” – “Options” – “Reports” – “Vulnerability Audit” – “Settings” and changing the “Conclusions” drop down menu to “Yes”. The change improves the reporting style by offering access to specific information, as well as an overall listing of the vulnerabilities identified.

Titania would like to thank its customers for their valuable feedback, without which product improvements and progress would not be possible. The support team is working to accommodate all customer requests and welcomes suggestions concerning usability, additional features and efficiency as well as any other feedback that continues to make Nipper Studio a valued tool to the information security industry.

Over the next few weeks, the development team will embark on a new sprint to bring a new release of Nipper Studio. For company updates, product releases and developments, you can find us on Twitter at @TitaniaLimited. If you have any questions, or if you want to make any suggestions regarding Nipper Studio and Paws Studio, please contact the Titania team at