Nipper Studio 2.3 has been released | Titania

Used by the FBI, DoD, NSA and across 50 countries, Nipper Studio provides a fast and cost effective way to securely audit over 100 different types of network device. Much more detailed than a scanner, the reports enable you to maintain a higher level of network security between penetration tests.

Nipper Studio 2.3 contains all the historic functionality of Nipper Studio as well as new updates and enhanced features including:

PCI DSS 3 Auditing

In recent releases, Nipper Studio’s compliance auditing functionality has continued to increase. As well as support for STIG and NSA compliance policies we now support PCI DSS.

Where checks for the standard can be automated Nipper Studio does so, but where the checks must be carried out manually (such as locking a door) or are discretionary based on you organisations requirements, Nipper Studio will extract all the relevant information from the devices and export it into easily readable report format.

Many Nipper Studio customers already use the software for PCI using the extensive customisable settings. This new support makes this process a lot easier to do so.

Vulnerability Reporting

Our new report type, vulnerability reporting, enhances the coverage that can be achieved in Nipper Studio. Using the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) Nipper Studio will check your device version against known vulnerabilities listed in the database.

Vulnerabilities are constantly being added to the NVD so to help you keep up to date, you can use our resource manager to add the newest NVD files. This also means that in secure environments with no internet access your vulnerability reports can be kept up to date without providing Nipper Studio with direct access to the internet.

Nipper Studio also has support for Open Vulnerability Assessment Language (OVAL). Using OVAL in Nipper Studio enables the filtering of raised by checking against the NVD, potentially removing a number of false positives in the vulnerability report.

Full Unicode Support

Nipper Studio is used in almost 60 countries by users who speak a host of different languages and, although written in English, now has full support for Unicode. We have developed this feature in the hope of making the reports more easily readable for different languages.

As well as these major features, there have been improvements to our current device support and now it is even easier to submit a support query directly through the software. Updates to 2.3 are free to existing customer but you can also download a free trial on our website