Keeping your screen locked - a key security step | Titania

In a busy working office, it’s very easy to be called away from your desk to talk to a colleague or go to a meeting. If your computer is left unlocked, it’s easy for a passer-by – whether that’s another employee or a visitor – to see any information that is on the screen, tamper with your computer, or even steal confidential information or gain access to your company’s systems. As your credentials were used when you logged in to the computer, the damage would be done under your name.

Ideally, your computer would be set to lock your screen after a couple of minutes of inactivity – for example, if you didn’t use your computer for three minutes, the screen would black out and you would need your password to unlock it again. Modern operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS-X or Linux all have this functionality built in, and it is very easy to quickly configure your computer to make it more secure.

Titania’s Free Risk Assessment Tool will spot if screen locking isn’t configured properly, will explain the risks in simple language, and give you relevant weblinks and references so that you can make sure your computer is secure and even more compliant with established security standards such as Cyber Essentials or ISO/IEC 27001.

To give you and your company even more peace of mind, enhancing your security above what’s available with your Free Risk Assessment Tool, you can download a FREE trial of Paws Studio.

As well as giving you a complete picture of how your entire network of computers is configured for screen locking, Paws Studio will find additional risks and operating system vulnerabilities across all of your Windows, Linux & Mac OS-X workstations, servers & laptops. Examples include checking that anti-malware software is installed and up to date, Windows and Microsoft product updates are being downloaded and installed correctly, and that a password policy is being enforced. To find out more visit the Paws Studio information page.

In our connected world, with more and more devices publicly available on the internet, security is paramount. Titania provides proactive, tailored security solutions to clients around the world, helping them to increase their operational efficiency, reduce their costs, and ensure they are compliant with the strictest security standards. Titania’s products are built for the most exacting of environments - our clients include the global banks, payment providers such as Visa and MasterCard and the FBI – and with our flexible pricing model, are available to everyone.