Keeping Your O/S Up To Date | Titania

Individually we have a greater number of electronic devices than ever before. Phones, tablets and computers all add convenience to our daily lives. Naturally, these devices come with a steady stream of security updates (…even my TV had a security update last week). And whilst hacks on personal devices can be bad, hacks on business networks can be devastating. Intellectual property and livelihoods are at stake. Therefore, it’s important to ensure systems are kept up to date, and that security is factored into business operations. Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems all regularly distribute updates to patch potential vulnerabilities, so making sure all your devices are setup to download, install and utilise these operating system updates is a “no brainer”. But when networks are made up of so many different devices, it can be a daunting task to ensure everything is getting updated correctly.

Handily though, Titania have a suite of tools to help you. The free Risk Assessment Tool helps you identify risks posed to your business. One of the key things it checks for is that workstations, laptops and servers in your business are all configured so that operating system security updates are applied automatically. 

In smaller environments where a Group Policy isn't deployed, the Risk Assessment Tool can identify devices where updates are not enabled. Likewise, it can identify devices where a Group Policy failed to apply.

Titania also offers Paws Studio, a more advanced tool, suitable for enterprises and independent auditors. It is designed to assess complex networks and provide in depth reports and recommendations. For the more security conscious, it can be scripted to regularly assess the status of your devices and help identify anomalies. Paws Studio allows you to tailor a security policy to your own business’s needs. To try Paws Studio, you can download a free trial here.

Titania provides some of the most detailed security auditing software in the world, and has transformed the way we keep our network devices secure. Our clients include the global banks, Visa, MasterCard and government agencies such as the FBI. We are committed to bringing cyber security solutions to businesses of any size.