Is your operating system still supported? | Titania

What do many huge governments, organisations and thousands of cashpoints all have in common? The simple answer is they’re all using 15-year-old software that is full of security risks and is a hacker’s favourite OS - Windows XP.

Released in late 2001 to much fanfare and still known as Microsoft’s bestselling operating system, extended support was finally withdrawn in April 2014. However, because of its roaring success and the enormous amount of third party software available, XP was everywhere by this point, being used by governments, corporations, small businesses, schools and end users all over the planet. It is still being used by over 100 million users today despite the risks this entails. Fortunately, Titania’s Risk Assessment Tool can help highlight if your devices are still using this legacy software before you too join the ranks of high profile Windows XP users who have suffered severe data breaches.

So what can you do about this? Well once our Risk Assessment Tool has highlighted that you might be using a machine that is running an insecure OS, it’s time to decide whether to upgrade or replace the unit. Fortunately, our Paws Studio software is here to help you decide. Paws Studio highlights the specification & age of your PC and any unsupported software that might be installed, such as Internet Explorer 7 or 8, or even MS Office 2003. It will identify how many user accounts are still setup on the PC and using up valuable space. It will highlight software that starts-up when you first turn on the device. It can show you the whole gauntlet of risks that you might be exposed to. This is before you even start to take advantage of the powerful reports & policy editor included with the software. Download a free trial of Paws Studio today.

At Titania we produce award-winning security compliance and auditing software trusted by corporations, government departments and law enforcement agencies around the world. Our software is designed for the most exacting of environments, saving IT staff hours, possibly days, in their security reviews and reducing the costs of keeping systems secure, and it is priced to be used by any company of any size.