Is Your Firewall Active? | Titania

The internet gives seemingly limitless access to resources. It has revolutionised the way modern businesses operate and has become a vital utility for many companies worldwide.  This global access is undoubtedly positive, but there is also a price to pay for that access. You are also opening up yourself for malicious entities to potentially access your sensitive customer data.

The opportunities for the wrong people to access your sensitive information is unfortunately massive. For example, in one catastrophic data breach, LinkedIn had 117 million accounts stolen by hackers in 2012. With user data, including passwords, finding its way onto the dark web where it could be purchased by anyone, this caused a very real threat to users of the social network, compromising their accounts and anywhere else where they use the same log in credentials.

With threats such as key loggers and Trojan viruses commonplace, it is essential that you take measures to protect yourself and your business.  Your first line of defence is your firewall. Firewalls control incoming and outgoing network traffic to help protect your network systems from unauthorised access. Titania’s free Risk Assessment Tool tells you instantly if your personal system firewall is active. This will help to keep your computer safe, but can you guarantee that all of the computer users in your organisation are as diligent?


In this free trial you will see how Paws Studio can quickly and automatically inform you of the firewall state of your entire enterprise network at a glance. Whilst at the same time, confirming your compliance with a range of the most highly regarded security standards.  Such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is required for handling customer card information.

When evaluating Paws Studio, you will immediately see the benefit of quickly identifying configuration issues, whatever your type of organisation.

Paws Studio is just another example of Titania’s excellent tailor made security solutions that are working hard to keep information secure in all sectors; spanning from the obvious delicate areas like finance and military to energy and telecommunications. Our free trial is definitely an opportunity not to be missed.