Cyber Essentials White Paper | Titania

UK Government has introduced the industry-supported Cyber Essentials scheme, which identifies cyber security measures that remove up to 80% of common cyber threats. 74% of small businesses in the UK experienced an information security breach in 2015, up from 60% in 2014, with the average cost of these incidents now standing between £75,000 to £311,000.

Research shows that Cyber Essentials mitigates the majority of common internet bourne risks to SMEs, and yet adoption rates have been low. A lack of resource - predominately time, expertise and money - is often the root cause. This white paper, written by our COO Nicola Whiting and Mark Tomlin from Royal Holloway university, presents a summary of recent research on the SME cyber landscape, blocks to engagement and options to accelerate the adoption within the SME community.

Titania previously help the title ‘SME of the Year’ for the UK Chamber of Commerce, and we are strong advocates for SME development and a member of multiple SME community groups. That’s why we’ve developed a free Risk Assessment Tool, which is designed to minimise or eliminate the major blocks to SMEs engaging with cyber security. The tool automates 21 key security checks, aligned against both Cyber Essentials and other best practice standards, providing a confidential report with step-by-step information on managing risks discovered, and further encouragement towards full Cyber Essentials certification.

Download your copy of "Cyber Essentials: Diving In" below to find out more.