Blast Cyber Fast | Titania

The Chamber of Commerce and Worcester Business Central have arranged a seminar to help you protect you and your business – helping you to reduce your chances of an attack by up to 80%.

It’s FREE, but time is short and places are Limited (and in High Demand)

Attacks on large companies hit the headlines daily, but you are an easier target….
(and the criminals know this). You will hear very real, local case studies, showing SME breaches and highlighting some of your key risks. And whilst it’s important we help you understand the issues, our FOCUS is on providing YOU with solutions.

Via this FREE to attend seminar you will:

• get the inside track from the Police on Cyber Crime

• understand the real implications and consequences of a cyber attack.

• gain practical, Government backed advice, from globally recognised cyber experts.

• learn how you can dramatically reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

see how an attack works and learn how to prevent it.

This is a UNIQUE one time opportunity to:

Access the Experts
ask the questions, that keep you awake at night!
Warwickshire and West Mercia Police, “What should be my biggest worry?”
Titania and 3SDL, “How do I protect myself against….?”
The National Cyber Skills Centre, “Which skills….What funding?”
Sutcliffe & Co Insurers, “Would I be covered if….?”
IASME. “Will accreditation protect me AND help me win business?”

QUALIFY to attend your FREE workshop (Relevant to you and your business).

Choose from 3 workshops that can save you £1000’s in practical advice.
i) “Tell me More” – Are you just starting out in Cyber, or unsure of what to do first?
Learn which policies and practices will Fast-Track your understanding and make Cyber Simple.
ii) “Battle Scarred” – Do you already have knowledge and experience of Cyber?
Learn what to do next with Advanced Practices and Funding Options.
iii) “The Practical” - Bring your Own Device (or view ours) and learn Step by Step Techniques, effective in defending against Ransomware – one of your biggest risks….

Places are limited and time is short, reserve your seat now – it’s FREE!
please also let us know if you’d like a workshop place and preference(s)

NB: Workshops are on “First Come” basis, if full, you may be offered an alternative.

To reserve your place(s) CLICK HERE (to email Chris Pinder at Business Central)
or contact him  at: